November 2012 - AA Breakdown cover from £30.

What is Car Breakdown Insurance/Roadside Assistance and Recovery? 

Car Breakdown cover liked that offered by the AA, Green Flag and the RAC is just another type of insurance. By taking out the cover you are protecting yourself against your car not starting or breaking down. The main car breakdown companies offer a number of options and it is important to choose the option that best fits your requirements. For instance if you never take your car abroad it would be pointless to pay for European Roadside Breakdown Cover while if you take your car abroad a lot this would be very important.

There are a number of cover options available from most breakdown companies with the basic cover being roadside rescue. This will mean if your car breaks down they will come to it too try to repair it. With the basic roadside assistance you are not covered if your car breaks down or won't start at your home. To be covered at your home as well you will need to look at taking out one of the roadside and home recovery packages. The top package for UK based assistance is roadside rescue plus home start plus mobile plus. This breakdown cover will provide for roadside rescue and home start plus an option including a courtesy car (the AA for example allows you one for up to 72 hours) or public transport costs that you can use to continue your journey if your vehicle cannot be repaired immediately.

You also need to decide what cover you require as some breakdown covers the individual regardless of the car they drive while others cover the car not the individual.

If you are going to a European Country it is worth considering European breakdown cover which can be added to most breakdown policies. As a breakdown abroad can be very expensive and more so if it requires your car to be transported back to the UK for example if UK car parts are not available..

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