Domino's Pizza News.

May 2012 :  A new store will be opening in Romsey in early June. 

Domino's Pizza History.

Domino's Pizza started life in 1960 when James Monaghan and his brother Tom opened a small pizza store in the town of Ypsilanti. 8 months later  James sold his half to his brother in exchange for a second hand Volkswagen Beetle. In 1965 the name was changed to name became Domino's Pizza. In the UK Domino's pizza group purchased the master franchise in 1993 and the company is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Financial results Year Ended 31/12/2011.

Domino’s with profit before tax and exceptional items rising by 10.9% to £42.2m (2010: £38.0m) and system sales rising by 9.3% to £530.6m (2010: £485.3m). Online sales for the year in the UK and the Republic of Ireland increased by 43.0% (2010: 63.0%) to £183.1m.

Without doubt, 2011 was the year of the Domino’s Stuffed Crust. This new product, using traditional Domino’s classic dough, was launched in June and has been well received by Domino’s fans across the UK. the year accounted for 44.3% of UK delivered sales (2010: 35.8%). The average delivery now leaves the store within 13.2 (2010: 13.7) minutes of the order being placed.

2011 saw the first outlets open in Germany. There are now five Domino’s stores in Berlin and one in Bonn, with plans to open 12 next year in further cities across the country. 58 stores were opened in the UK and 4 in the Republic of Ireland. The average delivery now leaves the store within 13.2 (2010: 13.7) minutes of the order being placed.

Domino Pizza Financial results year ended 27/12/2010.

Dominos profit for the year was up 27.3% to £38 million before tax and exceptionals on sales that rose 19.3% to £485.3 million.

During the year 57 new stores were opened.

Online sales were up 63.0% and now account for 35.8% of UK sales.

Domino Pizza Financial results year ended 27/12/2009.

Dominos made a profit for the year of £29.9 million before tax and exceptionals (2008 £23.4 million) on sales of £406.9 million (2008 £350.8 million).

During the year 55 new stores were opened taking the total in the UK and Ireland to 608.

They also employes over 20,000 people made 3.4 million home deliveries and sponsored the popular UK television programme Britain's got talent.

Domino Pizza Online Website.

In 2009 sales from the domiono's website increased by 40.45 to £78.5 million (2008 £55.9 million) and represented 27.8% of sales. The average delivery time was 23 minutes with order to leaving store time 13.4 minutes.

Online it is possible to order starters like chicken wings, garlic pizza bread, coleslaw, potato wedges and kickers combo. Pizza include create your own, half and half, pepperoni, chees and tomato, mighty meaty, texas BBQ (our fav), the sizzler and lots more and to go with your pizza you can order desserts like chocolate melt, domino's cookies, waffles or a selection of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

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