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Backpacker travel insurance can take away the need to rely on a stranger whilst travelling. Students or young people travelling for a long period of time are more likely to try extreme activities or be put into more extreme situations. Backpacker insurance can ensure that medical and transport costs are met. Backpacking Insurance is a special type of insurance cover cover that is specifically aimed at anyone who will be travelling for long periods of time, and who may be visiting a number of different countries in the same trip. Also with backpackinh insurance it can be hard to get cover once you reach a certain age as many of the insurance companies will only offer back packing insurance to those aged up to 35 or sometimes 40.
The main benefit of backpacker insurance is the length of time that it covers. Most back packing insurance policies will provide insurance  from anywhere between 3 and 18 months, although some will have a maximum limit of 12 months. This compares to most single trip travel insurance policies that normally only provide cover up to 90 days.It is also very important to consider the countries that you are visiting as certain countries might well not be covered due to potential problems both politically and economically.
A good place to check is the foreign and commonwealth office website who have a list of countries that they recommend UK nationals should not travel too.

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