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iPhone Insurance.

iPhone insurance is incredibly expensive so it is worth shopping around and checking what each iphone insurance policy covers.

Prices @06.03.2010 were

8GB £10 per month.

16GB or 32GB 3Gs £15 per month.


£12 per month

Carphone Warehouse

£11.99 per month


£12.99 per month

As can be seen from the above it can be very expensive to insure an iphone and whether you have a iPhone 8GB/16GB, iPhone 3G 8GB, iPhone 3G 16GB, iPhone 3GS 16GB or the iPhone 3GS 32GB you can expect to pay a lot to insure your mobile phone.

A recent entrant offering insurance for the iphone is protect your bubble who offer one month free insurance. Their website says they offer cheap iPhone insurance and you can be covered for just £7.99 a month or £87.89 a year (including your month free) regardless of the type of iPhone you own. They also say for all mobile phone and iPhone insurance policies they will also give free data back-up storage so should your phone go missing or break you won’t have lost all your numbers too!

More information on their iphone insurance can be found

iPhone Insurance.