National Friendly with Profits Bond News.


National Friendly with Profits Bond Review.

The National Friendly with profits bond offers.

Ability to invest a lump sum from £1,000 to £1,000,000.
Applications can be made by anyone between 16-79.
You can take out a National Friendly bond as an individual or as a couple.
Your money will be invested in their with-profits fund. This fund invests in assets such as commercial property, company shares, fixed interest securities such as company and UK government bonds, as well as cash.
With profit bonds should be considered as a long term investment and although you can cash in the bond, fully or partially, at any time. it is recommended by them that your investment should be for a minimum of 5 years and, ideally, for at least 10 years. If you cash it in or withdraw part of your original investment within the first five years, there will be a penalty charge and you could get back less than your original investment.
The bond has built-in life cover which means should you die death, National Friendly will pay out a lump sum that is either 101% of your original investment (adjusted for any partial withdrawals that you may have made) or the sum assured plus bonuses, whichever is the higher amount.
A penalty charge applies if you cash in your bond within the first five years. In the first year, this corresponds to 5% of the bond value. The charge then gradually decreases to become 1% in the fifth year.

According to moneyfacts up to the 01/11/2009 this was one of the best perfoming with profit funds bonds over 5 years and over 5 years a £10,000 investment would now be worth £11,923.80. (but remember past performance does not mean that future performance of the bond will be the same.)

National Friendly History

National Friendly is a mutual that has looked after its members’ health and security for
over 140 years. National Friendly was recently awarded the Best Private Medical Insurance Provider in
October 2009, it prides itself on giving outstanding service. As a mutual organisation National Friendly has no
shareholders expecting a share of their profits, instead their purpose is to provide benefit for their members. Building on its heritage, National Friendly is a modern mutual for the 21st century.

National Friendly with Profits Bonds.