Protect Your Bubble Travel Insurance.

May 2012 - Protect your bubble offer single trip travel insurance from £3.80. PLUS Children under 18 travel free when travelling with an insured adult.

Protect Your Bubble Travel Insurance Review.

Protect your bubble offer both single trip and annual travel insurance for both europe only and worldwide. They also unlike many companies offer worldwide multi trip travel insurance including the USA and Canada to those under 55.

Prices start from £3.80 for single trip and £24.82 for annual and children under 18 are covered on your policy for free. (correct @ 28.04.2012) 

Optional extras include

winter sport cover
golf cover
business cover
excess waiver
cruise holiday insurance

In addition to the usual health cover option protect your bubble travel insurance offers cover against your travel company going bust and being unable to provide you with your holiday
recompense if you have to cut short your holiday due to a death at home, being called for jury duty or are made redundant cover if your departure is delayed or you miss your departure due to circumstances such as your transport breaking down, etc.

Your excess will be reduced to zero if you have used a EHIC
Scuba diving to a depth of 30 metres is covered if you hold a certificate of proficiency or are diving with a qualified instructor. The policy can be upgraded to include scuba diving to a depth of 50 meters for an additional premium.
Cover for glasses is included as valuables. However, the maximum amount that will be paid for sunglasses or prescription glasses of any kind is £150.

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