10 ways you might be able to earn some extra cash and money.
Artists Model,
While researching this article i found adverts for this on the internet paying as much as £12 per hour. Art schools,artists and art colleges need people for a few hours sometimes to model for them but be warned you might been modelling for the artists without wearing any clothes.
As well as selling things you don't want a recent press release from Ebay said  "eBay estimates that there are 178,000 people in the UK earning a primary or secondary living or running a business on the site." So if you think you have the entrepreneurial spirit try buying something cheap and then trying to sell it for more on Ebay. An example of this was the Wii Fit earlier in the year where if you could have picked one up from say Amazon at £69.99 you would have got over £100 plus postage and packing on Ebay. Nice extra cash for those who did it.
Consider yourself an authority on a subject? Well you can set up a blog from the likes of blogger for free. You can then once you have informative articles on it get the likes of google to advertise on it and every-time someone clicks or views your advert you will earn some cash or sell your articles. The top bloggers are estimated to be earning almost $100,000 a year.
Door-to-Door Sales.
If you have a few hours spare each week and have an empathy with people you could become an Avon lady or sell for the likes of Betterware.  
If you have or are considering a website consider affiliate marketing as the likes of Amazon, Ebay, Argos and 100's of others will pay you if you put an advert of theirs on your site and someone clicks it and goes to their website and buys something. On a £1000 plasma TV that could be over £50 cash.  
Market yourself
Stick an advert in your local newsagents or supermarket and offer babysitting, or dog walking or even lawn cutting.
Parking Space for cash,
Is parking in your area expensive? if so you can register your parking space/drive at yourparkingspace and rent it out.
Bar work
If you have a couple of evenings free during the week bar work can often pay £5.78-£6.50 per hour plus the tips!!! So not a bad way to earn that extra cash.
Get paid money to review music
Slicethepie pays you each time you rate a song. You won't get rich from it but if you like music it is a great way to earn some extra cash doing something you enjoy.
Mystery shopping

1000's of people are earning extra money shopping, eating out in a restaurant or going to a public house as mystery shoppers. Payments vary between the companies, but are usually from about £6 upwards plus costs and you keep what you buy. 

If you have a website then you can have the opportunity to put adverts on it from many online advertisers. AW are one of the bigger ones and their clients include Dixons, M&S, Currys, Boots, Laskys etc. It costs £5 to sign up but this is added to your account if you are accepted. 

ways to make extra cash and money,