Cancer Insurance Cover for Men & Women.

With 1 in 3 people† now getting cancer in their lifetime, the Cancer Cover Plan is designed to take some of the financial and emotional pressure off individuals and their family when they really need a helping hand.

Benefits you can receive with the Cancer Cover Plan:

Cash payment of from £25,000 up to £100,000 dependent on level of cover

Or a cash payment of £1000 for some early stages of cancer which haven’t spread

Covers every type of cancer**

Cover you even if there is a family history of cancer

Partner discount

Hospital benefit of £50 per day up to £4,500

Covers new customers from 18 to 69 years who are resident in the UK (cover expires at renewal after policyholders 75th birthday)

No intrusive medical examinations  

**Previously diagnosed cancers and tumours described as pre-malignant are not covered.
 †Source – Cancer Research

Male Specific Cancer Cover from £1.99*

Female Specific Cancer Cover from £6.99*

Cancer Cover from £11.99*

*based on a non-smoking individual aged 35-39 standard cover.

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