AA Home Insurance News.

November 2012 - Half of all new customers pay only £160 or less for their home insurance. (Based on all home new business AA.com and telephone quotes between 1 April 2012 and 31 May 2012.)

AA Home Insurance Review.

The AA are one of the most recognised and trusted names in the insurance market. If you are looking for home insurance the AA will search over 10 leading home insurers to try and get you the best price and if your current insurer charges you for switching they will give you up to £25 for buildings cover and £25 for home contents. They are say that over 90% of their home insurance customers would recommend them to their friends.

AA offer home contents and buildings insurance and online you can buy one or both of them.
AA Contents insurance summary

Cover for your household goods, valuables, personal belongings, furniture, furnishings and domestic appliances against fire, theft, storm, water damage and vandalism.

New-for-old insurance cover on most items.

Accidental damage to mirrors, plate glass tops and fixed glass in furniture.

Accidental damage cover for televisions, desktop computers, cookers and other non-portable home entertainment and home electrical and gas equipment.

AA Buildings insurance summary.

Cover for the structure of your home (including fixtures and fittings) against loss or damage caused by fire, smoke, lightning, explosion, earthquake, storm, flood and theft.

Loss or damage caused by water or oil from a burst, leaking or overflowing pipe or domestic water or heating appliance.

Buildings cover – unlimited rebuilding costs for homes worth up to £1 million. 

They also offers some additional policy options like Accidental damage cover for household goods, including furniture and furnishingsLegal expense cover, away from home cover against loss or damage to valuables and personal belongings worth over £1,500, 24 hour home emergency cover.

Latest policy terms and conditions can be found on the AA home contents and buildings insurance website.

AA home contents & buildings insurance.