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November 2012 - 3 year fixed rate bond paying 3.20%. Minimum investment £1,000.

Originally Founded in 1899 the bank of cyprus opened its first branch in the U.K in 1955.The main markets it operates in are Cyprus,Greece,U.K,Australia and Romania.
Head Office
Bank of Cyprus
27-31 Charlotte Street,
Tel 020 7304 5800
The thing that is important to realise is that the Bank of Cyprus does not have the same fscs cover as most banks operating in the U.K the details for the Bank of Cyprus are below.
"As a Cyprus registered bank, this protection is partly provided by the Central Bank of Cyprus Deposit Protection Scheme, which complies with EU standards. This Scheme covers 90% of any deposit, with a maximum compensation limit of €20,000. Protection for deposits in excess of this amount is provided via the UK's Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This means that if the bank failed, UK customers could claim from the Central Bank of Cyprus Deposit Protection Scheme 90% of their deposit up to a maximum of €20,000. They could also claim for the remainder of their deposit up to £85,000 from the FSCS. This is because the Central Bank of Cyprus Deposit Protection Scheme is only responsible for paying the first part of the compensation up to €20,000 and the FSCS is only responsible for paying the second part of compensation - the difference between £85,000 and what the Cyprus scheme would pay."
The Bank of Cyprus offers in the U.K both personal and corporate banking products and the fixed rate bonds are regularly being offered with attractive rates of interest.

They can also offer Legal and General Life Insurance, Home Contents and Buildings Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

Financial Results of the Bank of Cyprus Group for the Year Ended 2011.

Profit before tax and impairment charges was 805 million Euros. After impairment charges and tax the bank made a loss of 1,371 million Euros. At 31/12/2012 the groups total assets were 37.48 billion euros and shareholders funds were 2.4 billion euros. At the year end the bank had 583 branches with 199 in Russia, 188 in Greece, 137 in Cyprus, 42 in Ukraine, 12 in Romania, 4 in the UK and 1 in the Chanel islands.

Financial Results of the Bank of Cyprus Group for the Year 2010

The Group’s total income recorded a significant increase of 13% reaching €1.450 mn for 2010, demonstrating the Group’s ability to achieve increasing recurring income even in adverse economic conditions. The Group’s profit before provisions for 2010 reached €725 mn and recorded an annual increase of 18%. Despite the significant increase in profit before provisions, the Bank of Cyprus’s conservative policy regarding provisions resulted in profit after tax for 2010 declining by 2% and reaching €306 mn, with the Group being profitable in all the markets in which it operates.

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