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Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking and wealth management with an extensive international presence. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries and employs over 140,000 people.  Income by region Year ended 31/12/2012 UK – £11,981m, Europe – £4,207m,  Americas – £6,025m, Africa and Middle East – £4,967m and Asia – £1,274m.

Barclays Bank Profile
Barclays started life back in 1690 when John Freame and Thomas Gould set up Goldsmiths Bankers due to the amount of goldsmiths in the area. The name became Barclays in 1736 when James Barclay married the daughter of John Freame.
In recent history
Barclays bought Woolwich in August 2000 resulting in an average payout of £2175 to each of the members of the woolwich.
2008 Purchased Goldfish credit card brand for $70 million and part of Lehman Brothers for $960 million.
November 2011 Barclaycard has now taken over the customers of the Egg credit card

 Financial Results Year Ended 31/12/2011.
Total income up 3% on 2010 to ££32,292m. Adjusted income excluding own credit and debt buy-backs down 8%. Profit before tax down 3% to £5,879m. Adjusted profit before tax down 2% and broadly balanced across the retail and investment banking businesses.

Core Tier 1 ratio strengthened from 10.8% at year end 2010 to 11.0%.

The final dividend for 2011 of 3.0p per share will be paid on 16 March 2012 to shareholders whose names were on the Register of Members at the close of business on 24 February 2012. With the interim dividends totalling 3.0p per ordinary share, paid in June, September and December 2011, the total distribution for 2011 is 6p (2010: 5.5p) per ordinary share. The interim and final dividend for 2011 amounted to £728m (2010: £653m).

Financial Results Year Ended 31/12/2010.
Barclays delivered profit before tax of £6,065m in 2010, an increase of 32% (2009: £4,585m). Excluding movements on own credit, gains on debt buy-backs and gains on acquisitions and disposals, Group profit before tax increased 11% to £5,464m (2009: £4,942m). Impairment charges and other credit provisions improved 30% to £5,672m (2009: £8,071m). This was after an increase of £630m in impairment on the Spanish loan book in Barclays Corporate – Continental Europe and impairment of £532m relating to the Protium loan in Barclays Capital.

In 2010 gross new UK lending totalled £43bn, including £7.5bn arising from the acquisition of Standard Life Bank. Barclays employs nearly 147,500 people of whom 60,000 are in the UK. The banking sector as a whole employs nearly 500,000 people across the UK.

At 31st December 2010, on a Basel II basis, the Group’s Core Tier 1 ratio was 10.8% (2009: 10.0%) and the Tier 1 ratio was 13.5% (2009:13.0%).

The total tax paid to the UK Exchequer in 2010 was £2,827m, made upof £1,381m of taxes borne by Barclays and £1,446m of taxes collected on behalf of governments which includes £1,347m of tax payments made on behalf of staff.

Barclays Bank Product Range
Barclays Bank provides a number of personal banking products and other products in the UK.
For consumers the products include
Personal bank accounts and premier bank accounts.
Mortgages which are provided under the Woolwich brand and include tracker, offset and fixed rate mortgages.
Savings accounts include ISAs, fixed rate bonds, e-savings reward, monthly saver and barclays children's savings.
Credit cards include Barclaycard Platinum, Barclaycard Simplicity, Barclaycard Flexi-Rate and Barclaycard Initial.
Barclays also provides loans, financial planning, investments and insurance products including Barclays Home Insurance, car insurance, life insurance, health and travel insurance.

Barclays Bank Home Insurance

• The option to choose from a series of additional covers that are also half price
• Up to £500,000 buildings cover and £50,000 contents cover
• Up to £25 refund towards any fees your current provider may charge for switching
• New-for-old replacements on most items
• A minimum 12-month guarantee on repairs and replacements arranged by us
• We can arrange for approved tradesmen to organise and carry out repairs on your behalf and guarantee repairs

Information correct @ 01/01/2010 for latest  terms and conditions vist the barclays bank website


Barclays Single Travel Insurance Offers
•Three choices of cover, from economy to travel plus
•A 24-hour Travel Assistant Helpline for advice before you travel and help while you're away
•Payout within two days of agreeing a claim
•Up to £30,000 personal accident cover
•Up to £2 million personal liability
•Up to £10 million emergency medical expenses
•Over 35 sports and leisure activities automatically covered

Barclays travel insurance information correct @01/01/2010 latest terms and conditions can be found on the barclays website.

Barclays Bank Accounts
Barclays as one of the UK's leading banks offer a choice of the traditional no fee bank accounts and the also premium bank accounts like the Barclays Current Account Plus.