November 2012 - New Fixed Rate Bonds from Birmingham Midshires with choice of monthly of annual interest 2 year bond 3.15% AER with annual interest and a 5 year bond paying 3.50%. Minimum Investment £1. 

Profile and History
Birmingham Midshires was established in June 1986 after a merger between Midshires Building Society and Birmingham and Bridgewater. In April 1999  it became part of the Halifax after a previously agreed takeover by the Royal Bank of Scotland was bettered by Halifax. On the 19th January the takeover of HBOS by Lloyds meant that Birmingham Midshires is now a division of Lloyds. Often you will hear Birmingham Midshires called BM.
Head Office
Birmingham Midshires
PO Box 81
Wobaston Road

Birmingham Midshires provides a range of savings accounts, insurance and mortgages including easy access accounts, telephone savings, internet savings accounts, ISA's and fixed rate bonds.  Birmingham Midshires also provides personal loans.
The Latest Savings accounts from Birmingham Midshires include
2 year fixed rate bond
3 year fixed rate bond
Birmingham Midshires e-Saver instant access account

Birmingham Midshires fixed rate bonds and savings accounts,