Below are many of the books that are the current bestsellers .If you are struggling for ideas for presents and gifts this christmas or are just bored then maybe consider a book or even lots of books.

A selection of some of the most highly sought after new books. The release dates are shown above them but all are available to pre-order for despatch on the release date.

Dan Browns's New Bestselling Book


The latest book from Terry Pratchett


Delias latest Christmas cookery book


Below are a selection of children's books from encyclopedia to fairy tales

The top selling biography books from politicians through to comedians and these books would make great book presents.

A collection of the most popular and top selling audio cd books to listen to in the car or at home.

The latest paperback book releases and deals  at great prices.

A selection of the best selling cookery books including the latest book from Nigella and Heston Blumenthal new book "The Big Fat Duck Cookbook" .

Book ideas for christmas 2012.