Bread Prepaid Mastercard.

May 2012 - BREAD Card is a prepaid card, this encourages you to only spend what you have loaded on to the card. When you make a purchase with the card, the purchase amount is deducted from the card balance. When you have spent your money, you need to top it up again before you can use it.


Bread advertise their new BREAD Card as "the best thing since sliced bread" so what does it offer?

Well the Bread prepaid mastercard credit card is an exciting new entrant into the prepaid MasterCard card market. It is also the only prepaid card to achieve 5* rating. It offers competitive rates to users with no fees on purchases and no monthly fee. The credit card can be loaded via Paypoint and BACS and it is simple to apply on-line and all they need is either a UK driving licence or international passport number together with a UK address. The card is aimed at those who do not have access to a MasterCard facility such as individuals with debt / credit problems or recent immigrants to the UK. It can also be used as a budget tool for those who do not want to extend credit card bills. Can also be used to have wages or expenses paid onto the card from employers. The BREAD Card only costs £7.50 and can be paid by another card or via SMS.

Once you have the card to add money to your BREAD Prepaid MasterCard® card you can add cash at a Post Office® or PayPoint Outlet. The maximum top up in one transaction is £500. The balance on your BREAD Prepaid MasterCard® card can never exceed £3500 at any time. . If you top up by PayPoint you will be charged at 3% per load. Loading at a Post Office® Branch or via BACS e.g. Payroll or by standing order is free.

Once you have a bread card it is also very easy to check your balance to make sure you have enough funds available before making a purchase or withdrawal at an ATM. They offer three wats to do it. On the web site which is free to do, Call customer services on 0905 786 0106 or check your balance using your mobile phone, your card balance will then be returned to you by text. There is no cost to use this service but use will be monitored and will be withdrawn if abused. The mobile phone you use must have the same number as used on your BREAD card application. If your phone number changes or you didn’t include a mobile phone on your application, you will need to contact Bread from the "your details" section of the account maintenance functions on the website to use this service.

Benefits of the Bread card because it carries the MasterCard® brand mark are
one card for shopping and ATM
Access your own funds (directly from your prepaid account)
Safer than carrying a lot of cash 
Keeps track of spending. You get a receipt when you pay and a detailed listing of every purchase on your online statement (including date, place, and amount)
Lets you shop everywhere you see the MasterCard® brand mark


Bread also offer a prepaid FX Currency Card for when you are travelling abroad.