VODAFONE has a division specifically for small business offering- Voice solutions (Small Business & consumer Anytime price plans)- Email solutions (BlackBerry & Vodafone Business email devices) and  Mobile Broadband solutions (USB Modem, USB Modem 7.2 & ExpressCard).
- Vodafone Small Business tariffs are primarily suitable for ‘Small Office/Home Office’ (SOHO) purchasers. These may include one-man-bands or companies of up to around nine employees.
- Widespread home and mobile working, with a strong need for mobile data
- Tech savvy customers, but appreciate clear pricing structures and easy selection
- Often no internal IT support as a small business, they appreciate the level of customer care and technical assistance Vodafone can provide
- Mobile broadband is often critical to the business so any downtime must be minimised. They are dependent on reliable, high-speed 3G providers with the widest breadth of coverage like Vodafone
- Reliance on mobile devices is critical, so Vodafone’s 24-hour device replacement is extremely desirable.


Small and Medium Business Energy Money Saving Tip.

We are the UK’s largest integrated power and gas company – generating and distributing electricity, and retailing power and gas – and are part of the E.ON group, the world's largest investor-owned power and Gas Company.

Key Energy Products:

• Business gas: 1 year fixed contract

• Business electricity: 1 year fixed contract

• Business Easygreen (less common, although prevalent on the site)

Buy online for E.ON's lowest priced gas and electricity for small to medium businesses.

Further information on E.ON energy for business

Van Insurance
Direct Line Van Insurance.

Direct Line offers a range of discounts and product innovations that are aimed at achieving one thing – bringing down the cost of van insurance. These include:- Named Driver No Claims Discount
- Matched No Claims Discount
- Multi-van Discount
- Breakdown Multi-van Discount

It’s all a fantastic reward for safer driving...and you won't find direct line on price comparison sites as they deal directly with you.

money saving tips for business including lower energy whether gas or electricity and mobile broadband for small business.