If you are looking to buy your foreign currency shortly the guide below might help you to decide what is right for you and help you get your holiday money cheaper too.

Your holiday is booked, you have already pre-booked you parking at the airport to get the cheapest price and you are now thinking about how to get the cheapest deal on your holiday money. So what are the options?
1/ A relatively new idea is a pre-paid currency card. These are a relatively cheap and an easy way to carry your foreign currency. All you have to do is put the amount you require on to the card and then use the funds on it as and when required. These are great for budgeting plus you have the added security benefits that carrying cash or your debit card won't give you. You will also normally get a better exchange rate than is offered by most card companies. FairFX currently have an offer on. 
2/ So you have decided you want to take some foreign currency with you well whatever you do don't buy it at the airport as the exchange rate offered will normally be very poor. Consider buying online from a firm like Travelex that serves over 80,000 retail customers a day, that's in excess of 30 million customers every year. The UK's online Price Promise means that no one can beat their online foreign currency prices. I'ts the best price guaranteed or they refund the difference. You have the option to pick the foreign currency up or for orders over £500 they will deliver it to your home free.
3/ If you are intenting to use your credit card or debit card abroad check the terms and conditions of your card provider carefully before departing as many debit card providers charge a transaction fee for foreign currency withdrawals abroad plus a foreign currency load charge which can be as much as 2.5% for credit cards.
4/ According to a survey, only one family in ten will shop around for the best holiday money deals due to time constraints. On a transaction changing £500 into Euros, the most commonly bought currency, Travelex’s research shows that the return can vary by as much £55 depending on where the deal is done and whether the Euros are bought using cash or a credit card. So make sure you are not losing out on £55.
5/ Travellers Cheques- The Pros of travellers cheques are the security they offer as if they get lost or stolen they can be replaced and if you are taking more foreign currency than your holiday insurance covers you for they can give you piece of mind. The cons are that you will be charged to purchase them although sometimes this can be offset by the higher exchange rate you  sometimes get when cashing them. You might also get charged a fee when you cash them and sometimes you will need to use a bank to cash them.
6/ Generally it is a good idea to have your holiday money available in more than one form whether you mix it up between foreign currency, pre-paid currency card, sterling, travellers cheques and debit and credit cards is a personal choice but don't rely on just one and a word of warning as over the last 3 years twice i have found my debit card failing to work outside of Europe and if i had been relying on it alone it would have potentially ruined the holidays.

holiday money guide to getting the cheapest and most effective foreign currency for your holiday.