May 2012 - Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) continues to make good progress on its mandated retail and commercial divestment (Project Verde) Including the sale of all C&G branch offices.  When Lloyds TSB acquired HBOS Lloyds Banking Group which includes Cheltenham & Gloucester , was created. As a result of the state aid received by Lloyds Banking Group, the European Commission ruled that they should sell part of their business to a new owner by November 2013. The aim is to increase competition in the UK banking sector. All branches will remain as C&G branches until 2013. No branches will close as part of the transfer and once the transfer to the new owner is complete, both staff and customers will move to the new owner. So you’ll still be welcomed by the same people you deal with now, in the same place, there will just be a new owner.

Cheltenham and Gloucester Profile
Cheltenham and Gloucester originally started as the Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Permanent Mutual Benefit Building and Investment Association that was established in 1850.
In 1997 Cheltenham and Gloucester was taken over by Lloyds Bank.
Cheltenham and Gloucester is covered under the financial services compensation scheme under the Lloyds licence so as long as you have no more than £50,000 invested in the 2 you are fully covered.

C & G offers mortgages including homebuyer specials, fixed rate mortgages, tracker mortgages and buy to let mortgages.Mortgages sold under the C&G and Lloyds TSB brands are a partnership between Cheltenham & Gloucester plc and Lloyds TSB Bank plc. They are known as C&G mortgages and Cheltenham & Gloucester plc provides the mortgage expertise and runs them, with Lloyds TSB Bank plc as the lender.
Savings accounts include fixed rate bonds, cash ISAs, childrens's savings and instant access accounts. 

cheltenham and gloucester savings accounts and mortgages