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May 2012 : 12 month fixed rate bond available offering savers 3.20% AER. 

Derbyshire Building Society History and Profile
The Derbyshire Building Society was originally established in 1859.
Unfortunately like the banks Derbyshire Building Society was forced to merge with Nationwide Building Society as it was anticipated to make losses of over £16 million pounds in the first half of the year.
Building Societies are owned by the members so to get around the thorny issue of the members (owners) voting against the proposed merger of the Derbyshire with the Nationwide they  come up with this little known clause (extract below)
In order to ensure the merger is completed as quickly as possible it will be facilitated under sections 42B(3)(b) of the Building Societies Act in relation to The Derbyshire and 94(5)(b) in relation to Nationwide. As a result the merger will proceed on the basis of Board resolutions of the Derbyshire and Nationwide Boards, rather than by member vote. The Societies’ Boards believe it is in the interests of their members that the merger completes as quickly as possible to avoid a period of prolonged uncertainty.
The announcement of the merger was made on the 8th September 2008 and was completed on 1st December 2008. The merger appears to have been pushed through by the financial services authority and no windfall were paid to any of the members. Nationwide Building Society has said that for the first 2 years it will retain the Derbyshire name and will then look at it again.
Head Office
Derbyshire Building Society
Duffield Hall,
DE56 1AG
The Derbyshire Building Society also has 50 branches.

Derbyshire Building Society Product Range
Derbyshire Building Society provides savings accounts, mortgages, home insurance, travel insurance and car insurance from LV.
The range of savings accounts provided by the Derbyshire Building Society include
1, 2 and 3 year fixed rate bonds
Easy access savings accounts
Regular Savings Accounts
Affinity Accounts
Online Savings Accounts 

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