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Guide to Holiday Travel Insurance.

What is Holiday Travel Insurance?
Travel Insurance is insurance designed to protect you against a number of risks when travelling. This cover can and might include the cancellation of your holiday,being flown home in the case of serious illness abroad, third party liability if you hurt another individual,loss and damage to your personal items and of course accident and illness.
You normally have the choice of single trip travel insurance or annual travel insurance and these will be covered further down the page.

Do i need Holiday Travel Insurance?
25% of brits are estimated to travel abroad without it but are they wise? In my opinion probably not as the loss of a couple of suitcases without insurance might be ok but a major illness abroad is a different matter and the cost of travel insurance is normally very cheap when compared to the cost of a holiday.

Holiday Travel Insurance Questions
I have a European Health Insurance Card so why should i take out additional travel Insurance?
The European Health Insurance Card will cover you for free or reduced hospital cover accross Europe but it does not cover the cost of private medical establishments, flying you back to the UK, costs of private ambulances or putting up a relative in accomodation while you are in hospital which are all things a good travel insurance would cover you for. Plus of course it does not cover you cancellation or loss of luggage and valuables. Also in some European countries are you really sure you want to be treated in their equivalent of our NHS? On saying that the European Health Insurance Card should always be taken on holiday as it will cover you for any pre existing medical conditions that have been excluded from your travel insurance. 
Examples of the costs you would face if you were to fall ill abroad and need to be brought home urgently
£12,000+ Air Ambulance from the Canaries
£2500+ seat in economy with a doctor present from the Mediterranean
Do i have to declare my existing medical conditions?
The answer to this is yes as failure to declare will result in your claim probably being rejected as the insurance company is likely to ask your GP for your medical records if you claim.
What cover should i be looking for? 
As a rough guide you should be looking for
£3000+ of cover if you have to cancel your holiday through illness,burglary,death of loved one,jury service,pregnancy etc
Personal Liability cover normally of about £1,000,000+ in case you are sued for causing injury or damaging property
Medical cover including dental of £2,000,000 in Europe and £5,000,000 outside Europe
About £500 for lost or stolen money
Legal expenses for about £25,000 in case you need to make a claim against a 3rd party
About £1500 for the loss of valuables and baggage. (obviously more if your items are more expensive like diamond rings,expensive SLR cameras,golf equipment etc
Cover if your flight is delayed
24 hour emergency service and help
Should i choose Single Trip travel insurance or multi trip travel insurance?
If you don't travel often then you are better off with single trip as you won'y be paying for cover you won't be using for most of the year. If you are a frequent traveller then choose multi trip travel insurance as you will be covered for every trip you make during the year.If you travel more than 3 times a year this should work out cheaper than single trip travel insurance.
How can i save money on Travel Insurance?
1/ The first thing to do is to shop around
2/ Try to refrain from buying from your travel agent unless you have shopped around first and are sure they are offering you a good deal as sometimes they can be as much as 75% more expensive.
3/ If you use annual travel insurance at the end of the year when it expires if you don't have another holiday booked wait until you are about to book another holiday before renewing it.
4/ For those using annual travel insurance consider a premium bank account as one of the perks with these accounts is often free travel insurance.
5/ If you are over 65 and looking for travel insurance details on travel insurance companies that supply over 65 travel insurance we have details on providers.

Guide Holiday Travel Insurance including single trip, multi trip and annual travel insurance