Julian Hodge Bank.

May 2012 - Julian Hodge Bank are offering a choice of 1, 2,3,4 and 5 year fixed rate cah ISAs with the 5 year paying 4.00%. 

Julian Hodge Bank Details
Established in 1987 by Sir Julian Hodge
Head Office
Julian Hodge Bank Limited
30/31 Windsor Place
CF10 3UR
Tel 029 2022 0800
Julian Hodge Bank subscribes to the banking code and is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. 

For the year ended 31/10/2009 the bank made a profit before tax of £1,200,000.

Julian Hodge Bank made a loss after tax for the year ending 31/10/2008 of £813,000 after making a provision of £4,000,000 against its commercial property assets. On a positive note it was named 3rd soundest bank in the UK and 24th in the world in a banker survey in 2008.
Total assets grew 35% to £629 million
Tier 1 capital ratio 23.2%
Caustomer deposits grew 59%
For savers the bank provides high interest deposit accounts, easy access, short term fixed rate deposits, capital millenium bonds and ISAs.
Julian Hodge Bank also provides business accounts and commercial lending. 

Financial Results Year Ended 31.10.2011.

For the year the bank made a profit after tax of £1,979,000 (2010 £1,341,000).  The Tier 1 asset ratio was 23.29%, Customer deposits dropped from £696.2 million to £579.6 million.

Julian Hodge Bank Financial Results Year Ended 31.10.2010.

For the year the bank made a profit after tax of £1,341,000 (2009 £718,000).  The Tier 1 asset ratio was 21.2%, Customer deposits rose from £610.5 million to £696.2 million an increase of 14%, Liquid assets increased substantially from £109.7 million to £230.9 million and Total assets increased by 12% to £825 million.