Lending Stream Payday Loans.


Lending Stream Payday Loans Review.

Unexpected expenses can occur anytime - an unpaid utility bill, medical expenses or a weekend trip. And when these happen, what one needs is a quick and easy solution. Payday loans are financial products tailored specifically to meet these sudden unexpected needs.

Lending Stream, work to ensure that when you borrow from them, you receive your money quickly, your data is treated securely, and you get the explanations you need at every step of the process. Lending Stream make the process convenient by offering their services to you online, and the Lending Stream advanced decisioning platform enables them to evaluate most applications in seconds.

Lending Stream lends payday loans starting from £80 with denominations in the multiples of £40. You can apply to borrow up to £400 for your first payday loan with them. Based on the credit analysis they run on you, Lending Stream may offer you a loan for the amount you apply for or an amount less than what you applied for. You can then choose to borrow up to that limit. Once you have paid your first loan in full, you will be eligible to apply for a further payday loan from them in the future of up to £1000.

In order to be eligible for a payday loan with lending stream you must:
Be at least 18 years of age
Reside and be regularly employed (not self-employed) in UK
Have a bank account which receives direct deposit and have a valid debit card
Be paid monthly and have a minimum take home monthly pay of £750
Lending Stream do not offer payday loans to the self employed

Successful applicants for a payday loan with Lending Stream can choose how to receive the loan. There are two options for cash transfer. The first is a chaps transfer of funds into your account which typically takes about 30 minutes. If you apply before 03.00 pm. on a working day, money will be transferred electronically into your account the same day. If you apply after 03.00 pm., the transfer of money will take place on the next working day. The fee for a CHAPS transfer is £15.The other option is called BACS. There is no fee for a BACS transfer and it usually takes about 3 days to complete. Please note that bank transfers do not materialize on weekends and public holidays and this can delay the transfer of money to your account.

Lending Stream payday loan review