LV Over 50s Life Insurance Plan.

LV are offering customers to their 50 life plan a free gift when you apply online. You can choose a camera or dvd player or £30 of Marks & Spencer vouchers.

LV Over 50's Life Insurance Plan Review.

When you choose over 50's life insurance from Liverpool Victoria you are buying from a company with a heritage dating back to 1843. In 2010 LV life insurance won an award as winner of value for money and in 2009 they were ranked 1st of ten brands for their website life insurance contract by global review ranking.

The LV over 50 plus life insurance plan is designed to give you life cover to help your family, friends or relatives with things like bills or funeral expenses when you are no longer around.

Life insurance cover starts from £5 per month and the maximum you can pay a month is £100

The premium you choose with LV is fixed for the duration of your life insurance policy.

The maximium amount of life cover you can take is £25,000

Once you reach the age of 90 your life cover will continue but LV will no longer charge you a monthly premium,

Cover is available for anyone between 50 and 80 and no medical is required.

Over 50s Life Insurance Rates are changing all the time but @31/01/2011 below are some examples of the cover you could have.

Paying £11 per month
Age 50 Male £3206 Female £4108

Paying £20 per month
Age 60 Male £3,881 Female £4,909

For the latest rates get a quote from LV below.

Paying £26 per month
Age 70 Male £2,532 Female £3,279



LV over 50s life insurance plan