Latest Household Money Saving Tips, Ideas and Deals 
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15 Household Money Saving Tips and Ideas.

Food Prices have been rocketing so take a look at a site like who offer free registration and claim that they can reduce your food bill by as much as 20%
Digital Television, Sky charge 12 per year for each of the entertainment mixes. So if you don't have kidsand don't listen to the music channels by removing them you would savings of 24 per year. The entertainment mixes are variety mix (Sky 1 etc) Kids mix, Music mix,Knowledge mix (National Geographic etc) Style and Culture mix (sky arts,UKTV etc), News and Events mix.
Government Allowances, Don't miss out on any benefits you may be entitled to. You can check to see if you are missing out on any at
Food, The cost of needlessly wasted food to UK households is 10 billion a year according to research by WRAP. It reveals that the average household throws out 420 of good food a year. For the average family with children it is even higher at 610. Researchers found that more than half the good food thrown out, worth 6 billion a year, is bought and simply left unused or untouched. For example each day 1.3 million unopened yoghurt pots, 5,500 whole chickens and 440,000 ready meals are thrown away. The study found that 1 billion worth of wasted food is still "in date"
Consider a Lodger, The governments rent a room scheme allows you to earn up to the first 4,250 tax free on the income a lodger pays you for renting a room in your home.
Shop Around, this is probably the easiest money saving tip of them all but it is surprising how many people don't do this. A simple example of this is a pair of headphones that were £49.99 in Argos, a quick search of the internet found the same ones for £32.49 at Amazon. Result was £17.50 plus petrol,time and car parking saved. 
A classic money saving tip, but worth repeating. You buy a sandwich or coffee or cake etc each day at work. Cost 2 per day so over a course of a year assuming you work 5 days a week less the 5 weeks holidays you will spend 470. That is 470 that you could save.
Mobile Phone, Check your mobile phone bill and see how many of those all inclusive minutes you actually use. If you are an occasional user a pay as you go phone could work out to be a cheaper option. A friend of mine was paying 25 per month but on closer inspection was only using 5 per month for texts and calls. Result is that this money saving tip has made him 240 per year better off.
Mobile Phone, Did you realise that your mobile phone charger is still using power even when the phone is fully charged if it is left in the power socket. It is reckoned 95% of the power used is wasted so always remove the charger from the mains and enjoy the savings you will make.
Also if you need iphone insurance consider using one of the specialist insurers rather than your phone provider.
Water, For a household of 3 or less consider a water meter. My water bill dropped 33%.
Gas and Electricity, In order these are the largest users of electricity. Air conditioning,heating,drying and then lighting so to reduce your bills reduce your useage. Take a look at our Energy Saving Tips page for more tips and ideas to reduce your gas and electricity bills.
, Prices have come down so are you overpaying? check out whether you have the best deal with uSwitch.
Gas and Electricity, A survey by Which found you could potentially save 100's of pounds by switching your gas and electricity suppliers. Take their impartial test below to see if you can save money too.
Standby, Don't leave appliances on standby as they are still consuming energy.
Rechargeable batteries, figues show that after 5 charges they work out more cost effective than disposable batteries.

household money saving ideas and tips