Cheap Payday Loans.
Unfortunately cheap payday/emergency loans don't seem to exist due to the nature of the products but further information on payday loans can be found below.

What are Payday Loans
A payday loan is generally regarded as a loan for less than £1,000 and taken out with a view to being repayed on payday so that are sometimes called emergency loans.
Most providers of payday loans will give an instant decision as the very nature of this type of loan means the money is normally required urgently and the funds are available the same day or the next day. Normally the funds are deposited into your bank account and no credit checks are taken so no footprint is left on your credit file.
Provided you are in employment even tenants or people with poor credit history can gain access to them normally.
The nature of these payday loans is that they charge very high interest rates compared to traditional loans and if required should always be regarded as a short term loan and NOT for the long term. Typical examples of people using them would be for unexpected emergencies where the necessary money is not available until the next payday.
Having looked at the costs on the internet typical fees for payday loans appear to be about 25% of the amount borrowed so if you borrow £400 expect to pay back £500 after one month hence why under no circumstances should they be seen as a long term solution to debt. 

Purple Payday Loans
Purple Payday loans are under £750 and are usually taken over a period of less than 31 days. This means the loan is repayable in full on the customers next payday, rollovers/extensions are available upon request.

The payday loan enables you to avoid short term cash flow issues, prevents possible bank or credit card charges due to missed payments on other outgoings, or is used to pay unexpected bills.

The loan application process is fully online, there's no paperwork and no credit checks are required. Successful applicants can often have funds deposited on the same day as application.

1. You must have a valid bank account that will accept direct debits. This includes basic bank accounts that do not come with an overdraft or debit card.
2. You must be at over 18 years of age.
3. You must be a resident and be eligible to work in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland).
4. You must be employed and receive a regular salary.
5. You must have your salary paid directly into your bank account.
6. Lastly, you must have a minimum take home pay of £750 per month.


Payday Express offer small, short-term loans valued £80-£800 repayable on your  next payday. These work as an advance on your wages in order to bridge the gap between now and payday. Payday Express aim to offer an instant solution to short-term credit needs, in order to get customers the cash they need at the time they need it. They therefore, provide a quick and easy online application, and a same day transfer of loans into customers’ bank accounts.


Wonga is different from other online lenders because their decision engine means the application and approval process takes literally minutes and the cash is deposited within 15 minutes! Wonga Payday loans also more flexible than other short-term payday loan lenders, allowing applicants to choose exactly how much cash they want to borrow and for how many days they need it (£1-£400 for new customers, for up to 42 days).

Applicants for loans will only be approved if they are UK residents over 18 with a UK bank account and debit card. Credit score and credit history will be taken into account.

 payday  and emergency loans with no credit check required,