Santander Cash ISAs Review @ November 2011.

The ISA (Individual Savings Account) was developed by the Government to encourage everyone to save long term, whether it be for pleasure or rainy day money. Anyone who pays tax either now or in the future should consider saving money in an ISA to help keep their savings out of the taxman’s reach.  You can invest up to £10,680 tax efficiently. Up to £5,340 of this can be saved in a cash ISA, with the remaining balance in a stocks and shares ISA, or the whole £10,680 can be saved in a stocks and shares ISA.


Rate AER

Minimum Investment


Direct ISA



Direct ISA Issue 7
Consumers will get 0.50% for savings amounts under £14,000 and 2.50% for savings over £14,000. Higher rate includes a 2.00% bonus for 12 months. Allows transfers-in and also available for new ISA subscriptions.

Easy ISA



Interest is calculated daily and paid each year after close of business on 1st March. You can choose to have interest paid into your Easy ISA account, or into a different Santander account.

Fixed Rate Postal ISA



1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA.

Flexible ISA



Rates are variable and the interest rate is guaranteed to be 2.31% above the Bank of England base rate for 12 months, in that period there is a guaranteed minimum rate of 2.81% AER tax-free (variable). After 12 months the Santander Flexible ISA pays a variable rate, excluding minimum rate guarantee and base rate tracker (currently 0.50% AER tax free).

Super Flexible ISA


All the above ISAs are provided by Santander ISA Managers Limited who are a fully owned subsidiary of Santander Asset Management UK Holdings Limited.

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