Scottish Friendly over 50's Life Insurance.

28.10.2011 The Scottish Friendly Over 50's Guaranteed Protection Plan offers new customers applying online a FREE Gift of some M&S vouchers.


With Scottish Friendly over 50’s life insurance you can gain full life insurance for as little as 27p per day.

Some of the features Scottish Friendly over 50’s Life Insurance offer are
1/ No medical required

2/ Once you reach the age of 85, you will no longer be required to pay any monthly premiums into your over 50’s life insurance plan, but your level of life insurance will remain the same

3/ £15 of M&S vouchers free when you set up a policy.

4/Scottish Friendly Over 50's Guaranteed Protection Plan gives you an option of their Golden Charter funeral benefit option. Provided the amount of cover you select is under £5,000, £200 of funeral benefits will be provided by Golden Charter if you choose to have the policy proceeds used towards your funeral. (These funeral plans are accepted by over 2,100 independent funeral directors)

5/ Available to UK residents between 50 and 75 years old.

6/ Once your over 50’s life assurance plan has started, your premium swill never increase.

7/ You can take out total life insurance cover of up to £25,000. If you need more cover later on, the extra amount can be provided through an additional plan, subject to the Scottish Friendly minimum premium of £8 and maximum of £50.

8/ Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Full terms and conditions and further information can be found on the scottish friendly over 50s life insurance website.

scottish friendly over 50s life insurance.