Skipton Fixed Rate Bonds News

Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds are a great way to secure your savings, so you'll get a guaranteed rate of interest without any surprises.

Skipton Building Society Fixed Rate Bonds.

Skipton Building Society is the UK's 4th largest building society and offers a range of savings accounts including fixed rate bonds. Currently (30th November 2011) Skipton is offering 

12 month fixed rate bond from 3.20% gross pa/AER

2 year fixed rate bond from 3.55% gross pa/AER

3 year fixed rate bond from 3.65% gross pa/AER

5 year fixed rate bond from 4.00% gross pa/AER

The rate above are based on investments of between £500 - £24,999. Interest is payable annually although for a slightly lower rate of interest all offer a monthly interest option.

Alternative 1,2,3,4 and 5 year fixed rate bonds paying top rates of interest and can be found

It is important to know that once you open a fixed rate bond with Skipton no withdrawals can be made of the capital until the end of the savings bond term.

In the 1st half of 2009 Scarborough Building Society merged with the Skipton Building Society.

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