Tuxedo Prepay cards latest news

27.10.2011 The Tuxedo currency card costs £19.95 to purchase (includes £10 cashback onto the card to get you started).

Tuxedo Card Review

Review of the Tuxedo Prepaid Mastercard and Tuxedo Prepaid Maestro Cards
Who are Tuxedo Money Solutions?
They were set up in 2006 and in 2007 launched the tuxedo prepaid mastercard and tuxedo prepaid maestro card. By 2010 figures are forecasting 2.3 billion transactions will take place on prepaid cards an increase of 110% in 5 years and Tuxedo Money Solutions are the leading UK provider of prepaid cards. They also operate a partner agreement with Newcastle Building Society to operate under their FSA regulated e-money licence.
What are Prepaid cards?
These are cards that look like a standard credit card or maestro card but do not give you access to any borrowing facilities so you can't get into debt with them. These prepaid cards can be great for those who struggle to manage traditional credit cards as you can not exceed the amount you have on the card so no more monthly shocks when the credit card bill arrives or those who do not have a bank account but would like the flexibility of having a prepaid card.
The Tuxedo prepaid cards can be topped up a number of ways
1/ At over 2,000 high street banks
2/ at anyone of the 19,500 paypoint locations
3/ at one of the 14,500 post offices
4/ by bank transfer
5/ by paying cheque into the account
6/ and soon online by a credit or debit card
The Tuxedo cards can also be used abroad so you can also use them to carry your holiday money rather than carrying wads of cash.
Currently you can get the Tuxedo credit card for £9.95 and for a limited time you will get £5 back or the debit card is £4.95
You can choose a pay as you go or pay monthly tariff and full details of the Tuxedo Prepaid cards can be found on their website.

tuxedo prepay mastercard and tuxedo prepaid maestro card