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Breakdown Insurance
The sector is dominated by the big names such as the AA and RAC. But being towed home if your car breaks down is just another form of insurance and there are lots of cheaper money saving alternatives.
Holiday Insurance
If you use annual holiday insurance when the renewal notice comes don't renew it until your next holiday is due to be booked. If you are not planning on booking a holiday for a few months why pay for insurance you will not be using.
A lot of people still buy their holiday insurance from their holiday company. If you shop around online you will often find cheap holiday insurance.
Mobile Phone
Insuring a mobile phone can cost as much as £6 per month. Have you checked your household contents insurance? as many cover them. You could potentially save £72 each year with this money saving tip.
Household Insurance
Your mortgage provider will often try to push their offerings on you but shop around to make sure their insure offerings are cost effective. This one reduced my bill and gave me savings of almost 45% in the past.
Consider increasing the excess you pay on you home contents insurance as the higher the excess the less you should pay for your household insurance.
SHOP AROUND as the price differences between different providers of home insurance can be quite startling.
Car Insurance
Being loyal to your current insurer may be quicker and easier at renewal time, but shopping around could save you as much as £200 on your car insurance. Always look to get at least 3 quotes and if time is an issue use one of the online comparison sites. Also remember that some companies like Directline don't allow their offerings on comparison sites. An example of the savings was a policy that was with the RAC at renewal time they quoted £235. Bit of research and the quote was £190.35 for identical insurance. RAC would not match it so bye bye RAC and hello Marks and Spencer car insurance and £44.64 saved. 
Sometimes you can get car insurance premiums reduced by adding a second named driver with a good insurance record.

When filling the car insurance quote in play around with the excess figures to see which seems to offer the best risk/reward ratio.

The FSA recently did a review of insurance comparison websites. For copyright reasons i can't post their findings but if you want to know about the good and not so good side the details are on their website.

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