October 2012 Choice of free welcome gifts to choose for new policy holders with the LV (Liverpool Victoria) guaranteed over 50 life plan, choices include £30 of FREE M&S vouchers or a Digital Radio.

Over 70's Life Insurance Review.

Unlike many insurance products that seem to be unfairly targetted towards the younger generations there are a number of companies that specialise in providing life insurance for the elderly and those over 70 and unlike traditional life assurance, you can get covered with these over 70's life insurance plans regardless of any current health issues. You don't have to complete a lengthy questionnaire or take a medical before you get cover from them. 

Sun life Direct offer the Guaranteed over 50 plan and you might have seen the adverts on television with Michael Parkinson (Parky) and another plan that is advertised on television by Julie Walters is provided by LV= (Liverpool Victoria).

Sun Life Direct Guaranteed Over 50 Plan

From just £4 a month the Sun Life Direct Guaranteed Over 50 Plan, provided by AXA Wealth Ltd, is an affordable way to leave your loved ones a fixed cash sum when you’re gone, and with this Plan you can be certain of the following:

• Guaranteed acceptance for UK residents aged 50-85 - with no medical or health questions
• Guaranteed fixed cash sum paid on death as long as you’ve been paying into the Plan for at least two years
• Guaranteed fixed premiums from £4 a month that are payable for life
Please bear in mind that as the cash sum is fixed, inflation will reduce its value over time. Depending on how long you live, you could pay in more than the cash sum paid out and if you stop paying your premiums, your Plan will end and you won’t get anything back. As long as you keep paying your premiums you’ll enjoy the lifelong peace of mind this Plan provides. Get an instant quote today
For more information and a no-obligation quote visit and see how you could leave your loved ones more from just £4 a month.
Issued by AXA Wealth Services Ltd trading as Sun Life Direct. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


Scottish Friendly Assurance also offer what they call the OVER 50's Guaranteed Protection Plan. This plan is not available to anyone over 75 so to apply you need to be 70,71,72.73 or 74. Some of the features of this over 70s life insurance are

Monthly life insurance premiums from £8 per month,

Option to include funeral cover,

Once you reach the age of 85 your premiums will stop but the over 70's life insurance cover will continue,

No medical required and no intrusive questions about your health,

FREE £15 of M&S vouchers when you take out a policy online.

For full terms and conditions visit the scottish friendly website.

LV (liverpool Victoria) also offer life insurance for the over seventies and their plan is called the 50 plus plan. Features of their policy are

Life insurance cover available for those aged 50-80

If you choose the funeral benefit option you get an extra 10%

Cover from £5 per month

Over 70s Life insurance premium is fixed for as long as you keep the policy.

Cover continues for free once you reach 90,

Free gift of £30 M&S vouchers or DAB Radio as a thank you when you take out a life insurance policy online.

For the full terms and conditions visit the LV Website.


over 70's life insurance review.