Speed-e-loans.com has signed up two top darts players  Mervyn “The King” King and Adrian “Jackpot” Lewis to promote their new payday loans.

Speed-e-Loans Payday Loan Review.

Speed-e-loans.com is a practical alternative to banks that can no longer help or wont people with their short term financial needs.

Launched in 2010 and privately backed by people who understand their customers, Speed-e-Loans mission is to provide instant decisions on payday loans and two hour money whenever you need it.

Speed-e-Loans are at the cutting edge of modern consumer finance by offering small, short term loans online with real speed and ease. They are flexible and paper free which means you can apply using their easy-to-use website whenever you need cash in a hurry. Speed-e-Loans have a consumer credit licence from the Office of Fair Trading. 

The first time you apply for a Speed-e-loans you can apply for between £100 and £250. Provided you repay your loan on time, they will increase the amount you can apply for next time. The maximum speed-e-loan is £1000 but this amount is only available to customers who've built up a good reputation over a period of time.

A Speed-e-Loan can save you money if you are at risk of going overdrawn with your bank as in November 2009 the costs of a £100 unauthorised overdraft would have been £300 with Lloyds and £210 with National Westminster Bank.

If you apply for a short term payday loan with them provided you apply before 3.30pm you can expect to receive the money the same day.

To be considered for a speed-e-payday loan you will need to be in employment, live in the UK and have bank account with a debit card. As part of the approval process they will do a very fast credit check on you.

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Speed-e-loans also offer a pre-paid MasterCard®
which is available even if you have no bank account and 100% acceptance is guaranteed.

Speed-e-Loans Payday Loan Review.