Protect Your Bubble Life Insurance.

28/10/2011 Protect your bubble will give you £20 Marks and Spencer’s vouchers after completion of a successful life insurance application. You will receive your vouchers 6 weeks after your insurance is set up.

Protect Your Bubble Life Insurance Review.

Protect your bubble use a panel of leading  Life insurance comanies including  Aviva, AXA, Friends Provident, Legal & General, Liverpool Victoria and many more to bring you great value and simple life insurance.

Protect your bubble offer a variety of options including

Level term life insurance
It is called ‘level term' because you purchase the amount of life insurance cover you want for a given period of years (this is the term). Should you die during the specified term, your life insurance policy will pay out a pre-specified amount to your estate on your death. You pay for it with monthly premiums during the term of the policy. The cover amount, term and the premium rates will not change during the lifetime of the policy - assuming you maintain your payment of the premium. For the full life insurance policy terms and conditions visit the protect your bubble website. 

Life Insurance Mortgage Protection
Mortgage protection life insurance from Protect your Bubble is a product that is designed to pay off the outstanding amount of your mortgage if you die as a result of illness or accident before your mortgage is cleared. The life span of this type of insurance is variable but would typically coincide with the term of your mortgage and ends when your mortgage is paid off. This product does not pay out a lump sum at the end of the term. It will only pay out in the event of your death and payment is made direct to your mortgage lender.

Life Insurance Critical Illness
This life insurance policy will pay out a lump sum if you are medically diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses or disabilities that the policy covers.  The full details can be found in your protect your bubble policy document.


Protect your bubble Life Insurance is provided and administered by Direct Life & Pension Services Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered Office; Pinnacle House, A1 Barnet Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 2XX. Registration number 2467691

protect your bubble life insurance.