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Protect your family’s future today, from just 17p a day

• Life insurance made simple

If you’re aged 18 – 59, Sun Life Insurance, provided by AXA Wealth trading as Sun Life Direct, makes protecting your family simple. There’s no medical and if you can answer ‘No’ to five eligibility questions, you’re in. Decide how long you want cover for, from the five terms available. Then choose how much you want to pay each month, or how much money you’d want to leave. Simple!

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Why choose Sun Life Insurance?

• From just £5 a month

Premiums start from as little as £5 a month and will stay the same throughout
the term. You need to keep paying your premiums when due as if you don’t, your policy would end and you wouldn’t get anything back.

• 5 terms to choose from

Choose a term to suit you - either 10,15, 20, 25 or 30 years, provided the term
ends by the time you’re aged 70.

• Leave up to £150,000
Depending on the premium and term you choose, you can leave a fixed cash sum of up to £150,000, if you died within the term. Remember that inflation will, over time, reduce the value of the cash sum paid out. Also, as the cash sum is paid to your estate, it may be subject to Inheritance Tax.

• Extra reassurance of Terminal Illness Benefit
Sun Life Insurance comes with the added protection of Terminal Illness Benefit. If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness we could pay the cash sum early tohelp you at a difficult time.

• Money back if no claim is madeUnlike many insurers, at the end of the term we’ll give you 15% of your premiums back as long as all premiums have been paid and no claim has been made.

• PLUS a special welcome to Sun Life Insurance

The first month’s premium is free and as a thank you for taking out Sun Life Insurance, we’ll give you £20 of Love2Shop vouchers.

• Apply in minutes for immediate cover.
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Sun Life also offer the Guaranteed Over 50 plan.

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