Vanquis Bank Credit Card.

Who are Vanquis Bank?

Vanquis Bank are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Vanquis are a wholly owned subsidiary of Provident Financial plc, a leading international company providing home credit and credit cards.
Vanquis was set up to provide credit cards to those with a poor or no credit history or lower than average income.
The Vanquis Credit Card has also been used by consumers to repair previously damaged credit ratings by allowing people who have been rejected by the large credit card companies to get a Vanquis credit card and over time rebuild their credit rating by proving they can manage a credit card responsibly over time so the vanquis credit cards are ideal for those with bad credit looking to start again.

The Vanquis Credit Card Review.
Vanquis Credit Card Key Features 
No Annual Fee
39.9% APR variable
Initial credit limits are ususally between £250 and £1,000
Up to 56 days interest free on purchases (see t & c's)
Free additional cardholder
Free fraud monitoring
UK call centre
Chip & PIN technology for added security whenever a Vanquis card is used
Some of the requirements to be accepted for a Vanquis credit card are
Applicants for a Vanquis Abacus Card must be UK residents and over 18

Applicants for a Vanquis Blue or Gold Card must be UK residents and over 21

Applicants must be registered on the voters roll

Applicants must not have an outstanding County Court Judgement against their name or one that has cleared within the past year.

vanquis bank credit card is a suitable for those who want a bad credit history credit card