Below you can see the latest offers from credit card companies to allow you to compare and decide on the best credit card for your requirements and the best interest free balance transfers.

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Discounts at loads of Virgin companies.






Halifax All in One Credit Card offers Up to 59 days interest free credit on all purchases if the balance in full is paid off each month.






Vanquis Bank’s credit card serves customers ranging from those who have had credit problems in the past, to those completely new to credit, are self-employed or have a low income.

Details on prepaid credit cards can be found here

*a/ APR is the Annual percentage rate of charge. All credit card companies have to tell you what the APR figure is to help you compare credit cards.
*b/ A credit card balance transfer is the transfer of the monies owed on a credit card to another credit card company. This is the amount of time they will not charge you interest on the credit card balance you transfer subject to their terms and conditions.
*c/ This is a fee charged by the credit card company on the balance transferred to them.
*d/ Some credit card companies offer 0% interest offers on purchases

For the AA credit card  please check you can answer ‘yes’ to the qualifying criteria: you are currently employed.You are a UK resident and can prove residential addresses for the past two years.Am a homeowner.Have an income of over £20,000.Have not applied for an MBNA or Virgin Credit Card within the last 6 months.Am over 21 years of age.Don’t have any recent credit defaults, county count judgements (CCJ’s) or been made bankrupt.

Credit Card "Stoozing"

The latest figures from the british bankers association (31.07.2009) show that 72.6% of credit card balances are not paid off in full each month and outstanding credit card balances are £63.1 billion. One way to improve the family finances is to do what is called "stoozing" this is where you transfer the outstanding balance to one of the interest free credit cards and if you are one of the 72.6% of the population who don't pay off the balance in full you might want to consider it. The savings you can make are huge and even after the typical 2.98% balance transfer fee you would save £214 over the term for each £1,000 you transfer based on you getting a current credit card interest rate of 19.9% and moving to a new credit card company and getting 16 months interest free on the balance.
Just imagine if you transferred £5,000 you would make savings on your credit card interest bill over 16 months of £1,070!! That could then be used to pay down the debt.

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