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Save Money on holidays, holiday travel insurance, holiday currency and holiday parking.

So you have booked or are planning a holiday? Well it is not just the holiday you can look to save money on as other costs are often forgotten and these can soon add up to. You might also need holiday insurance, travel money, airport parking or even an airport hotel room the night before if you have a long way to travel and an early flight. But the good news is that you can save money on all these by panning ahead.

A good idea before booking a holiday is to check out the prices on the internet as these can often save as much as 10% over the price a travel agent might charge and also compare different travel companies as often you will see one charging say £1,200 per person while another holiday company will have exactly the same holiday for only £900. Details on many of the tour operators can be found

Next if you are going to leave your car at the airport consider booking it early as savings of as much as 50% can be had by shopping around and booking your airport car parking early

Also consider how you are going to pay while abroad, cash, travellers cheques, credit card? a relatively new idea are pre-paid currency cards and these can get you as much as 10% more for you money so certainly worth considering.
According to a survey, only one family in ten will shop around for the best holiday money deals due to time constraints. On a transaction changing £500 into Euros, the most commonly bought currency, Travelex’s research shows that the return can vary by as much £55 depending on where the deal is done and whether the Euros are bought using cash or a credit card. So make sure you are not losing out on £55.
Also don't forget to read our guide to travel insurance, for sure your travel company will try to sell you theirs but get a price and then check out a couple more companies to make sure they are offering good value.

If you are taking your car abroad make sure you advise your insurance company and have
european road side assistance in case you break down as without it the costs of being towed back to the UK can be enormous.

Save money on holidays, holiday insurance, holiday parking and holiday currency.