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Simplyhealth (previously HSA) have a special offer to help you get cheap dental insurance. Currently you can get one months Free dental insurance when you join the Simplyhealth dental plan.

What is Dental Insurance?
With it getting harder to find dentists who will take NHS patients and the costs of dental treatment on the NHS rocketing more and more people are taking out their own dental insurance policies.
A typical dental insurance plan will cover you for

Cover for regular oral check-ups or scaling and polishing, as well as for treatments such as fillings or crowns. Dental maintenance such as  x-rays and hygienist visits dental treatments such as bridges and cover for emergency dental care treatment if your teeth are damaged in an accident and the choice of using NHS or Private dentists.

Some like the Simplyhealth scheme also offer extras like a one off payment up to £10,000 if you are diagnosed with mouth cancer.

As with health insurance you have to declare any existing problems and these will normally be excluded from your dental healthcare insurance policy. 

All dental insurance plans are different so always make sure you compare the dental insurance policies on offer to make sure the dental insurance being offered is what you require. 


We understand that looking after your teeth can be
expensive. Whether you need a polish with a dental clinician, or more
extensive dental treatment like a filling, bridge or crown, the bills
can quickly mount up. That's not to mention when life's accidents leave
you needing emergency treatment.
Our Simply Dental Plan is designed to help you manage the cost of
routine visits to your dentist and get insurance for the unexpected.The Simply Dental Plan is for UK residents aged 18 to 69 and a simple
monthly payment means you get money back towards your dental bills, up
to your annual limit. We offer 
four levels of cover with a range of benefits.
After a three month qualifying period you get cash back on regular
treatments, and have peace of mind knowing that you're covered for
dental accidents or emergencies. 

Getting cover is simple. You can get a Simply Dental Plan quote and join online.

Simplyhealth has been helping people afford healthcare for over 130 years.

Cover starts from just £7.50 per month.

Great reasons to join today

    * Cover starts from just £7.50 per month (equivalent of £1.73 per week)
    * 100% money back for check-ups including x-rays and investigations up to your annual limit
    * 75% money back for scale and polish performed by a dentist or hygienist
    * Cash back towards dental treatments such as fillings, bridges and crowns
    * Insurance cover for emergency dental care and if your teeth are damaged in an accident
    * One off payment of £5,000 if you are diagnosed with primary mouth cancer
    * Cover up to four of your resident children, up to the age of 18, from just £2.50 extra per month
    * You'll only speak to real people in one of our UK offices, not an automated system in another country

Things you need to know

    * Dental treatment and accident & emergency benefits are available once your policy has been in place for three months
    * There is a three month qualifying period for Mouth Cancer Cover.
Secondary Mouth Cancer, or conditions where you have been diagnosed with
any cancer or are having investigations or waiting for the outcome of
tests before or during the three month qualifying period is not covered

    * Pre-existing conditions or treatment identified in the qualifying period and cosmetic dentistry/procedures are not covered
    * If you have not had a check-up for two years prior to taking out your policy, treatment identified in the first check-up after taking out the policy will not be covered


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