PrivacyGuard is one of the UK’s leading ID Theft protection packages, with over 500,000 members in the UK alone. And with ID Theft being one of the fastest growing crimes, with an increase of 43% in 2009 over 2008, customer demand is only increasing. PrivacyGuard members receive a 30 day free trial and within this period they are able to apply for their personal Credit Report FREE. Thereafter they get access to their Credit Report whenever they want, along with their credit score, (unlike many leading competitors who charge an additional fee for credit scores), have their credit profile monitored for any activity and receive regular alerts if changes are noticed, and get support if the worst happens…all for only £6.99 subscription per month after the 30 day trial period.

PrivacyGuard is provided by Affinion International Limited and has over 1 million members.


Regular Personal credit reports whenever the customer wants: so that they can ensure that their credit profile is accurate and up to date

Free Credit score: unlike some companies privacy guard will provide customers with their credit score every time they view their credit report at no extra cost

Credit Alert: every time privacy guard notice a change to a customers profile or anyone looks at it privacy report send them an alert so that they can check on all changes for potential fraudulent activity

Help with corrections to their credit profile: if they notice errors privacy guard can help you correct them so restoring your  true credit profile

A personal caseworker: professional assistance to help rectify a customer’s situation by organising paperwork and notifying creditors should they become a victim of credit or identity fraud

The Privacy Guard product is especially relevant to people:

Who make a lot of transactions online and so might be exposed to online fraud

  • Or who are about to make a large financial transaction and need a good credit profile
  • Or who have an incorrect or damaged credit profile and need to improve it
  • Or who are just worried about the security if their identity and personal information

PrivacyGuard is one of the UK’s leading ID Theft protection packages