RBS CASH ISAs Review @ November 2011.

Royal Bank of Scotland are offering a number of cash isa options for the year ending 2010/2011. You can choose from an instant access isa to a range of fixed rate isa. Remember for this tax year the maximum that can be invested in a cash isa is £5,100 and the tax year ends 05/04/2100.


Interest AER

Minimum Investment


Instant Access

Tiered Rates with balance under £9,000 earning 0.55% and balances over £50,000 earning the maximum 2.00%.


Instant Access Cash ISA giving you instant access if required.

1 Year Fixed



Upon maturity your Fixed Rate ISA account will automatically convert into a standard Cash ISA. Upon maturity you can: Reinvest into a new Fixed Rate ISA (subject to availability) and add new funds if appropriate. Leave funds in the Cash ISA.

2 Year Fixed




3 Year Fixed




RBs-Royal Bank of Scotland Cash ISAs Review.