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20.02.2011 When a customer invests a minimum of £5,000 with Legal & General between the 17th February and 5th April 2011 they’ll get 50% cashback on their Annual Management Charge. How to qualify for your cashback:Invest a minimum of £5,000 in a single payment, right up to your 2010-2011 stocks and shares ISA limit.Keep your money, in the funds listed, until 31 December 2011. You can switch your investment between these funds. Legal & General will pay your cashback on that investment in February 2012.

Legal & General ISAs Review.

There is a range of funds available, the customer can choose to invest in these funds with an ISA wrapper or if they have used up their ISA allowance they can invest in them as a Unit Trust. 

What is an ISA?
ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. An ISA is simply a tax wrapper around a product, for example a unit trust, which makes it more tax-efficient. ISAs were introduced by the Government to encourage more people to save. Investing in an ISA allows you to shelter your money from the taxman, as you can keep all the proceeds that you receive from that investment without paying income or capital gains tax. You don’t even have to declare your ISA on your tax return. Tax assumptions are those currently applicable and are subject to statutory change. The value of the tax advantages will depend on your individual financial circumstances. 
What is a Unit Trust?
A unit trust is a collective investment which may invest in one or more of a range of assets, for example equities, fixed interest securities, commercial property or cash. Because money from lots of investors is pooled together, the unit trust, for example, buy shares in a range of different companies listed on the stock market, or a range of other securities rather than investing in just a few. 
An ISA is a wrapper to allow the unit trust to be tax efficient. Once you have used up your ISA allowance, unit trusts are a good way to invest additional funds and should be viewed as medium to long-term investments of at least five years. 
Fund Types 
The funds available include funds from across different world areas, different sectors and different types of investment funds. 

Index tracking funds – This is where the fund will aim to track the performance of a specified index by investing in all the companies within that index. These funds tend to have lower costs and can be a first step into investments for new customer. They can choose from a range of funds including 
UK Index
UK 100 Index
Pacific Index Trust
European Index Trust
Japan Index Trust
Global 100 Index Trust
Global Technology Index Trust
Global Health and Pharmaceuticals Index Trust

Actively managed funds – These are funds that are actively managed by a fund manager. The fund manager will handpick the stocks that are within fund to try to maximise growth against a fund strategy. These funds are often more risky than index tracking funds and are for more experienced investors. The funds that Legal & General offer:
UK Alpha Trust
Growth Trust
UK Active Opportunities Trust
UK Smaller Companies Trust
European Trust
North American Trust
Japanese Trust
Asian Income Trust
Pacific Growth Trust
Global Growth Trust
Worldwide Trust
Equity Trust
UK Property Trust

Income Funds – These are a range of funds that invest in Fixed Interest Securities such as corporate bonds (loans to companies) and government securities (loans to the UK Government which are known as gilts). Their aim is to provide investors for a regular income.The funds that Legal & General offer: 
Fixed Income Trust
High Income Trust
Managed Income Trust
Managed Monthly Income Trust

Ethical Fund - The Legal & General Ethical Trust gives you a share of an investment fund – the Ethical Trust – which invests in FTSE 350 companies excluding companies who don’t meet certain ethical criteria. 

Multi Manager Funds – These are funds which allow you to invest in several funds at the same time through one simple investment. A professional fund manager selects, monitors and changes the underlying funds based on set criteria, most notably the investment quality and the investment objectives of the providers. 
Multi Manager Income Trust
Multi Manager Growth Trust
Multi Manager Balanced Trust

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