With 7 savers for every borrower some banks and building societies offer higher savings rates for the over 50's and pensioners but are they worthwhile savings accounts?

Latest over 50's savings accounts news

01.06.2011 National Savings & Investments have relaunched the index linked savings certificates.





5 Year Fixed Rate Bond but only available to those aged 50+


3 Year Fixed Rate Bond


Instant Access


Instant Access with no penalties





HSBC Online Bonus Savers Account is a high interest account that you manage online. Variable rate of 0.75% AER (0.75% gross including bonus interest), when you don't make a withdrawal. If you do need to make a withdrawal, you won't get bonus interest, but you'll still get 0.25% AER (0.25% gross).


updated 01/06/2011

So do over 50's savings accounts offer more?
A number of banks and building societies offer savings rates specifically targeted at the over 50's and these accounts pay a higher rate of interest than their normal savings accounts. So i decided to take a look at them to see if they offer good value or whether the rates they offer could be beaten by accounts not specifically targeted at the over 50's. With the collapse in interest rates i had hoped that these accounts would have been a good investment for those savers who have seen their returns reduced but sadly as the figures below show this is not the case and these savings accounts appear to be more of a marketing gimmick than a genuine attempt to provide the over 50's with the highest savings rates. With prudence in mind all the accounts shown except for the ING Savings account which is covered under the dutch scheme are covered by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to the £50,000 limit.

Notice Savings Accounts over 50's best buys for notice accounts (01/06/2011)
SAGA 50+ Minimum Investment £1 no notice 2.75%
Loughborough Building Society 50 Savings Account Minimum Investment £500 50 days notice 2.00%
On paper the two over 50's savings accounts above look ok. That is until you look at the no notice accounts and realise they are offering a higher rate of interest.

Instant Access Accounts over 50's Best Buys (12/05/2010)
Saga Telephone Saver
Minimum Investment £1+ 2.75%
Chorley Building Society Over 60's Account
Minimum Investment £1 1.50%
Again sadly these two best buys in the over 50's category fall well short of the best buys in the overall market and below are instant access savings accounts and fixed rate bonds that could provide a higher interest rate for the over 50's savings.

Below you can see 1 non age dependant instant access savings accounts that pays a higher rate of interest.

Coventry Building Society 3.00% (rate correct @01/06/2011)

Highest rate savings accounts for the over fifties (pensioners savings accounts)