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08-08-2009 Principality e-Saver issue 2 2.85%

Principality Building Society e-Saver Review
The principality e-saver is an instant access savings account that is operated online.
The current rate of interest on this savings account is 2.85% which includes a 1.20% bonus in the first year of opening. (rates correct @08.08.2009)
The minimum investment in the principality e-saver is 1 and the maximum investment in the account is 1,000,000.
With the principality e-saver you will not have to give any notice to withdraw funds but all withdrawals made must be made via the account you chose to link to your principality e-SAVER and the balance must not fall below 1.
The 2.85% interest rate equates to 2.28% for a basic rate taxpayer.
Due to UK money laundering laws the principality building society will do an electronic identity check to check to confirm your identity. In the unlikely case that this fails principality building society will require 3 forms of i.d sent to them.

Principality Building Society
Principality is the largest building society in Wales and the 9th largest in the United Kingdom. For the first 6 months of 2009 Principality Building Society reported a profit of 4.1 million. Savings with the principality are covered under the fscs scheme.

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