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What is a Blu-Ray DVD

Blu-ray is a high-definition DVD technology that was developed by Sony that first hit the shops in 2003 although no discs were available until 2006. Blu-ray gets its name from the blue violet laser that is used to read the discs as against the red laser a traditional dvd player uses. The blue laser allows for more than six times the storage space on a Blu-ray disc than a traditional dvd. Blu-ray also delivers higher-resolution images of 1,920-by-1,080 pixels compared to 720-by-480 for standard DVD and uses higher-quality video compression to generate better color contrasts. The big advantage of buying a Blu-ray player is superior picture quality and sound, especially if you have a 1080-pixel high-definition TV that takes full advantage of the technology. Blu-ray also allows six times as much content to be stored on a disc. When a blu-ray disc is watched side by side with a traditional dvd the picture quality really is remarkable. High definition or "HD" is a technological leap forward from standard definition with up to 6x the picture resolution so that what you see is sharper and far more realistic.

Top 10 best selling blu-ray dvds for christmas