Alliance and Leicester Premier Current Account Latest News
Alliance & Leicester currently give you free annual multi-trip European travel insurance when you switch to  Alliance and Leicester Premier Current Account.

What is the Alliance and Leicester Premier Current Account?
The Alliance and Leicester Premier Current Account is a bank account with some fundamental differences over a traditional bank account.
The first difference is that to be able to get this bank account from Alliance and Leicester you must pay in at least £500 per month into the premier account.
The next difference is that you get some extra features with it.
1/ Free annual multi-trip European Travel Insurance if you are under 65. This alone could be worth £60
2/ Interest on credit balances. Currently this is 0.50% on balances up to £2,500 and 0.10% on balances over £2,500. Not a great interest rate but more than many savings accounts and bank accounts currently offer.
3/ The Alliance and Leicester  Premier Switching Service team can manage the whole switching process for you – saving you the hassle of contacting your old bank, companies you make regular payments to and even your employer.
4/ 0% EAR typical overdraft. No usage fees on arranged overdrafts for 12 months from when you open the account (new customers only). A usage fee of 50p a day (up to £5 a month) applies after that. Maximum overdraft limit is £2,000.
To be able to have an Alliance and Leicester Premier Current Account, you must be over 21 and pay in at least £500 to your account every month. Cash, cheques and your salary all count towards this monthly amount, and the payments into the premier current account can be spread out over the month.

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