Alliance and Leicester Online Saver Instant Access Savings Account Latest News.
01.01.2010 Alliance and Leicester online saver issue 7 launched 2.75%
01.10.2009  A&L Online Saver issue 6 interest rate lowered to 3.00%
05.08.2009 The Alliance and Leicester Online Saver Issue 5 is currently paying 3.15%.

Alliance and Leicester Online Saver Savings Account Review
The Alliance and Leicester online saver savings account is an internet based instant access savings account and unlike many similar accounts allows you unlimited withdrawals from the account with no penalties. The interest rate currently being offered also makes it as of the 01/01/2010 the highest paying instant access savings account with an interest rate of 2.75%.
To open the account you will need to deposit a minimum of £1,000 but the rate is payable on all balances over £1.
Interest is credited annually and the maximum allowable in the alliance and leicester online saver is £2,000,000.
The minimum age for applications is 18 and you can access the funds in your online savings account within 24 hours by transferring funds into another Alliance and Leicester account or up to 4 days if you choose to transfer the funds to another financial institution.
The rate quoted on the Alliance and Leicester online saver instant access savings account includes a guaranteed variable bonus  for a minimum of 12 months.
After 12 months the interest rate payable on the savings account reverts to a tired variable rate that will be dependant on the balance in the savings account.

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