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14.08.2009 Currently the abbey esaver online instant access savingsaccount is paying 2.50% AER.

Abbey eSaver Review
The Abbey esaver is an instant access account that unlike a few of the similar accounts around does not penalise you for withdrawals. To open the account you apply online and the esaver savings account can be opened in a few minutes.
Some of the Key Features are
  • Free cashcard so you are able to access your savings 24 hours per day from cashpoint machines up to a £300 limit.
  • Abbey online banking facility allows you to manage your savings 24/7 from your computer
  • You can choose annual or monthly interest
  • The minimum amount you can deposit in the Abbey esaver is £1 and the maximum is £2,000,000
  • Abbey are part of Santander and your savings are covered under the UK financial compensation scheme up to the £50,000 limit.
  • The interest rate is currently 2.50% which includes a 2.00% bonus for the first 12 months.
  • The interest rate this Abbey savings account is variable.

Further information on the Abbey eSaver savings account can be found on the Abbey website

The Abbey esaver is a great savings account those those who want an internet savings accounts.

abbey esaver instant access savings account