PDSA Pet Insurance a Which Magazine "Best buy pet insurance"

PDSA pet insurance has been named as one of Which magazines best buy pet insurance products after coming top for the cheapest annual premium for cats*.

The which report was published in the October issue and compared 61 policies from 32 pet insurance providers. It took into account lots of factors, including maximum cover per condition, the cost of annual premiums and the maximum age of cats and dogs accepted at the start of a policy.

The PDSA petsurance 7000 policy, which provides £7,000 cover per condition**, was highly rated by Which? after scoring well on the judging criteria.

Tina Sleigh, PDSA Petsurance Manager, says: “PDSA is proud of its good quality and affordable insurance products that could protect pet owner’s wallets from big vet’s bills. An additional bonus for animal lovers is that by taking out one of our policies, 20 per cent of the premium goes back to PDSA to help fund the vital service caring for poorly pets across the UK.”

PDSA has been caring for pets since 1917 and today provides more than two million free treatments to the sick and injured pets of people in need. For those who don’t qualify for PDSA help, the charity offers good quality, value for money pet insurance products. With three levels of cover available, PDSA petsurance brings peace of mind to suit most pet owner’s budgets.

*Example quotes given were in a low-risk area and quoted online (except where noted).The quotes were based on: Cat Aged six non-pedigree; Quotes are based on individual details and may vary widely depending on the age and breed of pet and where you live.

**Ongoing cover is provided up to either £2,000 / £3,000 / £7,000 per incident, subject to premiums being paid and up-to-date and the policy renewed. Pre-existing conditions are excluded.

PDSA Provides pet insurance for both cats and dogs and some of the features of pet insurance from PDSA are

No financial penalty for paying monthly rather than annually.

Many pet insurers limit cover for ongoing conditions for only 12 months. PDSA Petsurance recognises that some illnesses may go on beyond that, maybe even for the rest of the pet's life. Because of this the PDSA pet insurance policy will continue to cover your pet, up to the policy limit, for ongoing claims, subject to cover remaining in force and payment of premium. Pre-existing conditions are excluded.

PDSA pet insurance "best pet insurance for cats"