ING Direct Latest Savings Account News 

20.11.2009 ING drop rate for savers from 3.2% to 0.5%
01.09.2009 Rate increased for savers to 3.20% for first 12 months

ING Direct Savings Account Review and Features

The ING Direct Savings Account is an internet operated instant access savings account that is currently offering savers an interest rate of 3.20% for the first 12 months.
Some of the features of the ING Direct Savings Account are

1/ Account can be opened online in 10 minutes
2/ Minimum amount to open an account with ING £1
3/ Interest Paid Monthly
4/ No penalties when your make a withdrawal
5/ Up to 10 savings accounts can be opened allwing you to use different savings accounts for different purposes e.g holidays, bills, new kitchen etc
6/ Funds can be transferred via internet or telephone to your nominated account
7/ Option to set up a regular monthly savings amount
8/ Savings are covered under the Dutch Financial Compensation Scheme up to 100,000 Euros per person so 200,000 Euros for a joint account

ING Direct Summary

ING Direct is part of ING Group a dutch bank with over £1 trillion in assets. They have 1,000,000 UK customers and over 85 million worldwide making them one of the 20 largest financial firms in the world. Moneywise voted ING the 2nd most trusted savings account provider in 2009.

ING Direct Savings Accounts