YES Loans-Bad credit or poor credit history loans news



Yes Loans adverise themselves as "The UK's Bad Credit Loans Specialists". Yes Loans arranges unsecured loans & finance for both Homeowners and Tenants, whatever your credit history. They arrange loans for anybody, even those knocked back by high street lenders or suffering with bad credit problems such as CCJs, defaults or mortgage arrears.

Applicants must be employed,
UK resident for past 3 Years,
over 18,
working at least 15 hours per week,
3 years of address history
have a take home wage of £600 or more per month.

Yes Loans offers unsecured Loans (available to Tenants and Homeowners) from £500 to £25000. For Secured Loans (available to Homeowners only) from £3000 to £200,000, depending on your individual personal circumstances. For can normally expect a decision on your loan application within 4 - 5 working days from date of application.

Yes loans are the largest company of their kind in the UK and yes loan process over 50,000 personal loan applications every month and in the past 2 years they have processed more than half a million of unsecured loanapplications with a total loan value in excess of £3 Billion. Each day yes loans process in excess of £7.5 Million of loans.

As the UK's largest credit broker, Yes Loans specialises in helping those previously refused by other companies and high street lenders. Yes Loans arrange loans for tenants, homeowners, and anybody with bad credit or credit difficulties such as CCJs, defaults or mortgage arrears.

Yes loans can offer loans to those with a poor or bad credit history including the self-employed and those who have difficulty in proving their income.