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V5 Logbook Loans Review

V5 Loans is a reputable lending company specialising in loans for those that have bad debts, CCJs, would fail a credit check or find it hard to raise money on the high street. Thousands of loan rejections are made each and every day by Banks, Building Societies and other Financial Institutions and V5 offer a log book loan which caters for people who might struggle to get a loan by any other means. With V5 Logbook loans no credit checks are made. 

To Qualify for a V5 Log Book Loan

Your Loan is secured against the value of your car, so to qualify it must be worth more than £500 and be less than 8-10 years old. It must also have NO outstanding finance against it. (remember because it is a secured loan if you dont keep up the repayments you will lose your car)

Only Loan Applicants from England & Wales can apply (these V5 logbook loans are not available to applicants living in Scotland or Ireland)

Car must have been registered between 2001 and 2009

V5 will have to be able to contact you by phone to verify the information

Applications for the logbook loan must be over 18 years of age

If you qualify on the above points then you might well qualify for a logbook loan and

  In Summary
• No Credit Checks – as your previous credit history is irrelevant
• You can obtain a loan even if you have been rejected by others.
• Youir credit rating is irrelevant as the security is their car.
• Loans are possible if they have collateral in your car.
• Loans are available even if you want cash today.
• You keep the car and continue using it as before for the duration of the loan
• Hundreds to thousands of pounds are available to loan depending on the value of your car

Further Information on V5 Logbook Loans Can be found here

If you are in Scotland a supplier of logbook loans can be found below.

Do you own your own car that is free of finance? We guarantee we will accept you for a loan regardless of your credit rating! Apply here!

V5 Logbook Loans-Personal Loans secured against the value of your car.